A local mayor is getting his wish to create a memorial for Tom Thomson.

The Ministry of Transportation is allowing a portion of Highway 60 to be dedicated as the Tom Thomson Parkway. The idea was created by Lake of Bays Mayor Bob Young, who wanted to find a way to remember the iconic artist 100 years after his death. Young says the only problem is it’s going to be a year late.

Signs will be installed along the highway between Lake of Bays and the Algonquin Park entrance. Young says the Algonquin Park played a large part in Thomson’s artwork. Thomson was found dead in the park in 1917 after he went missing on a canoe trip.

Young says he would really like to be able to put up signs that feature local art which best represents the work of Thomson. He says Lake of Bays Township has set aside $3,000 for the project.

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Lake of Bays Mayor hopes to name Highway 60 the Tom Thomson Parkway