Fire officials are asking you to keep safety in mind while you’re decking the halls.

While you’re spending time cooking and opening presents with the family, Muskoka’s fire prevention officers say there’s just a few things you need to remember. If you’re cooking a big Christmas meal or even some snacks, make sure to pay attention and don’t start drinking alcohol until you’re finished. Officials say the majority of kitchen fires in Ontario start because of careless cooking.

If you have a smoker in the home, officials say ashes should be constantly dumped in a safe metal container outside. You should never use anything other than an ashtray to put out your cigarettes.

Before everyone goes to bed to wait for Santa, make sure all your smoke and CO detectors outside every bedroom are working properly. There should be a detector on every floor of your home. Officials say if you follow these simple rules you’ll have a carefree Christmas morning.

Photo Credit: Submitted by Mike Vadlja, Fire Prevention Officer