The plows and salt trucks in Huntsville are ready for the upcoming snowstorm. Environment Canada is calling for 15 centimetres of snow to fall tonight, and has a snow squall watch in effect.  Huntsville’s Director of Operations and Protective Services, Stephen Hernen, says the fleet is ready, noting the snow season actually started for them a few weeks ago.

He says they’ve been out four or five times already, and are ready for whatever else the winter throws at them.

Hernen says they try to wait until it stops snowing to begin plowing, but there comes a certain point when you have to start anyways because of accumulation.

Hernen says when Environment Canada is calling for an all day storm, like the one coming tonight and into tomorrow, it could be an interesting day trying to figure out the weather. He says drivers can help out by giving sanders and plows as much room as possible. He says be patient and give the town time, and they will get through it.