With the upcoming snow comes a reminder from the OPP. Under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, it’s illegal to drive if you have an obstructed view of your windshield, rear window, or side windows, which includes snow and ice.

Huntsville OPP officer Aaron Gathmann says if you’re sitting in your car and you can’t clearly see out of your windows, you’re breaking the law.

Gathmann says when you’re brushing the snow off of your car, don’t forget the roof.

Gathmann says the OPP has seen people driving with their cars piled high with snow and just a small window brushed off on the driver’s side of the front windshield, and that’s not enough. He says some people are in a rush and don’t have time to scrape their windows, but letting your car run for a few minutes before you have to leave for work will help, as well as parking in a garage overnight if you have one.

Photo: Section 74 of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, outlining the laws around obstructed views.

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