Roads and bridges are driving up the Gravenhurst budget for 2018.

Costing just over $3.7 million, the reconstruction and repair projects make up the majority of the proposed $5.6 million 2018 capital budget.

Town staff are looking at completely replacing the one-lane Sniders Bay Bridge for a two-lane structure at just over $1.3 million. The town is hoping to get provincial funding for this project to bring the cost down to $900,000.

The most costly proposed project is the reconstruction of a portion of Kilworthy Road with a price tag of just over $350,000. The town also wants to put $800,000 into sidewalk improvements to meet with provincial disability standards.

The full capital budget is expected to increase municipal property taxes by about three per cent. More details will be released during the next budget meeting on December 19th.

You can see a break down of all the capital budget costs here.