Huntsville home owners are looking at a jump in property taxes next year. The first round of budget talks gets underway next week, and as it stands now it’s looking like a tax increase of 3.29 per cent. For homeowners, that means for every $100,000 in home assessments there will be a $14 increase over this year, which is a total amount of $376 a year.

The draft budget report outlines some steps the town is taking to lessen the impact, which includes projects to help save on energy costs and moving $124,000 of Lakeland Reserves into income to help pay for tourism projects. Some new initiatives being considered beyond 2018 include updating the McCulley Robertson Park, fixing the retaining wall at the Brunel Locks, and reconstructing Centre Street.

Part of what makes up the tax hike is a bigger spend on snow removal, the minimum wage increase, the Hunters Bay Trail extension and maintenance of the town fleet.

The draft report will be presented to Huntsville’s general committee during its December 7th meeting for its first review. After that, it will go back to committee on December 19th and then to regular council on the same day, where it could potentially be approved.

You can check out the full report on the town’s website.