After walking the grounds and looking at the issues, council has made a decision. At Wednesday’s general committee meeting, Huntsville decided to do some basic work at Lions Lookout. The decision was made to pave the road and parking lot and get rid of the planters. A report from town staff says the road repaving will cost around $45,000 while the parking lot work will be around $17,500.

This comes after council walked the area in September to discuss what can be done to revitalize the area. The town had been discussing getting of the current chain link fence, as well updating Memorial Park, and adding a potential boat launch in the area. A 2011 master plan for the area also recommended new signs and historic plaques. Council discussed the option of hiring another consultant to do a new concept plan for both properties, which town staff says will cost between $45,000 and $50,000 to do.

Two other options were outlined for the town to consider; one was to do nothing and the other was to hire a consultant to expand on the 2011 plan. But for now, committee decided to go with the repaving work.