Two Muskoka filmmakers are partnering with a famed Hollywood actress for a new film.

Evan and Brodie Cooper have attracted ‘This Is US’ TV star Chrissy Metz back to her horror roots with their new film idea named ‘The Will O Wisp’. Metz is also known for her work in ‘American Horror Story: Freakshow’. This is the first feature-length film the brothers would be working on and Evan Cooper says Metz was on board as soon as she read the script.

Cooper says Metz also gave them some great ideas on how her character could be portrayed in the film. He says he definitely felt like she understood his vision of this film.

‘The Will O Wisp’ was a script the brothers started working on a year ago. Cooper says the movie focuses on a recently divorced man who encounters a sinister set of lights after moving back to his hometown in Montana. Metz would play a nurse with a checkered past who works at the local retirement home.

Cooper says they’re still working on filling other roles and finding investors for the film. He says they’ve been looking at a studio in Austin, Texas to shoot the film, but they’ve also considered coming back to Muskoka to shoot a few scenes as well.

There is no timeline on when the film could go into production.

For now, Cooper and his brother are touring the US with their short horror ‘The Armoire’, which debuted at the CineMuskoka Film Festival where it picked up an award for Best Horror. Cooper says the film has netted another six awards and had sold out showings at the various indie film festivals it’s been playing in.

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