An annual Christmas support campaign for women in crisis in Muskoka is growing larger.

Organizers for the Muskoka Shoebox Project are gearing up for the third year. Organizer Penny Burns says during the first run in 2015 they were only looking for 50 boxes filled with special items to donate to women’s shelters. Burns says they were blown away when they brought in over 350.

Last year the campaign pulled in over 600 and this year Burns says they’re feeling ambitious.

Each box can be filled with things like toiletries, treats, comfortable socks and even sentimental and uplifting notes. Burns says the boxes will be distributed to women’s shelters around Muskoka close to Christmas.

Burns says they suggest putting about $50 worth of items in each box. She says you can get help from your co-workers or friends to put a box together as well.

If you’d like to know more about where you can drop off these donations or get ideas on what should go in your shoebox you can visit the campaign Facebook page.