The Pipe Man is making a move in Huntsville.

On Tuesday, Huntsville councillors voted to have the art sculpture removed from its place on the water by the town docks. The topic of moving Pipe Man was originally brought up during a meeting in September and was shot down by a majority of council.

Mayor Scott Aitchison says the proposal put forward at that time felt disrespectful to Pipe Man donator Jan Nyquist.

Last year, Nyquist donated the $50,000 Pipe Man sculpture to the town in honour of artist Tom Thomson. Nyquist also covered the cost to have the sculpture installed in the water. Aitchison says he met with Nyquist after the September meeting and the two agreed moving Pipe Man would address the complaints from locals about the sculpture.

A recent online survey asking for opinions on Pipe Man was run by the town over the summer. Out of the 1,300 responses, 90 per cent said they didn’t like the location and some said they just didn’t like the sculpture. Many residents felt the sculpture was a potential hazard for boaters.

Pipe Man will be taken out of the river in November with Nyquist covering that cost. The town will be reaching out to the public to find the best new home for the sculpture.

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