Gravenhurst High School is making education more interactive with a nearby First Nations community.

Last week, the students visited the Wahta Mohawk Territory to learn more about the cultural heritage of the neighbouring community in Gravenhurst. GHS teacher Jacki McPherson says the students were able to incorporate what they learned into their own projects back at GHS.

McPherson says, they hope to continue these visits to encourage more learning about indigenous culture in Canada.

Terry Kanenrahkeniate Sahanatien with the Mohawk Territory says he sees this educational partnership with GHS as a step in the right direction for all Canadians.

McPherson says there are students at GHS coming from the Mohawk Territory, so it’s important to make sure these kids are learning about their own Indigenous history and culture while at school. She says the school will be working closely with the Trillium Lakelands District School Board Indigenous Education Consultant to create more of these learning opportunities.