The OPP are still going to cost us lots of money. Bracebridge Mayor Graydon Smith says the fine print on the renewed OPP billing model isn’t released yet, but he and others believe it will be of real impact to Muskoka taxpayers. While some areas in the province will have to pay roughly $800 per household, Smith estimates the billing model could cost Muskoka more than the current $200 per household bill its already paying…

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Smith says costing per household is included in the renewed model, but a variable cost-per-service call still has to be established. It’s this last component that will see the bill rise.

Smith says discussions about solutions continue at the District. The Mayor says he’s for whatever solution provides the best value for taxpayers. At first glance, it looks like getting another police force to provide services in Muskoka would be more costly. Muskoka has no formal contract with the province, and in the absence of a contract the province provides service. The debate continues on Pine Street.