Public opinion could be the key for more housing in Huntsville. The District of Muskoka is looking at creating a subdivision off of Chaffey Road to help fulfill a need for more homes.

Lisa Marden, a planner at the district, says the proposal is to build 45 single detached homes.

Marden says there is a demand for higher density housing at an attainable price in Huntsville, which means the average household would be able to afford the price and costs wouldn’t skyrocket. However, that doesn’t fall within the definition of affordable housing, which has it’s own classification.

She also notes there is a trend in decreasing household size, which means there needs to be homes that are suitable for small families that don’t have kids, including seniors.

There is going to be a public meeting in Huntsville next week about the proposal which everyone is welcome to attend. It’s happening on September 13th at 1:00 pm in council chambers at town hall. For more details on how to make a verbal or written submission to support or oppose the proposal, go to theĀ district website.

Marden says the district will know more about if the project is going to move forward or not after the public meeting, as it depends on feedback from the community.

Photo: The proposed location. Supplied.