Muskoka is hoping to streamline planning and service at the district airport in Gravenhurst.
The district is considering putting together a governance board that would oversee operations and future plans for the Muskoka Airport. District CAO Michael Duben says the hope is to take the politics out of the decision-making.

Duben says there used to be a committee which was overseeing airport operations before it was disbanded by the district a few years ago. He says this group was reporting to the Planning and Economic Development Committee.

With this new board, Duben says only big issues like economic and budget plans will be brought to council directly a few times a year.
The board is expected to be made up of seven members. The District Council Chair, which is currently John Klinck, will fill one role as a district representative. Duben says the other six roles will be made up of members with various types of professional experience. This could include people with legal, airport management, and business experience. He says these members may not necessarily be from Muskoka.

District Council needs to review the details for the creation of this board one last time at the September meeting before giving the final stamp of approval. Once that happens, Duben says they’ll be sending out the call for applications for board members. He says they hope to have everyone in place by January for training with the first meeting expected to run in March.