Cottage Cares is a new initiative from the Huntsville Hospital Foundation to encourage cottagers to donate. The fundraising campaign was launched this summer, and Executive Director Katherine Craine says the program is based on the fact that permanent residents donate every year, on a regular basis. She says the foundation has a consistent base of donors from the community, which includes the Business Cares program. That program has a goal of getting 40 businesses to sign on for a five-year commitment of donating $5,000 per year. And, she says so far they have 35 businesses on board.

Craine says the foundation is now reaching out to cottagers, as the board has looked at where the majority of donations are coming from and the opportunity lays with seasonal residents.


Craine says seasonal residents tend to donate to their home hospital, and this campaign aims to shine a light on the importance of the Huntsville hospital.


Craine says the hospital can serve patients locally, or can get them to another hospital if a transfer is needed for a major trauma.

She says the foundation has a long list of equipment needs from the hospital, which the Cottage Cares program will help pay for. That includes beds and stretchers, operating room tables, ECG machines, and equipment for the lab rooms.

Anybody who wants to donate to the Cottage Cares initiative can pick any amount they are comfortable with, although there are suggested levels. To find out more, contact Craine at, by phone at (705) 789 4756, online, or in person at the Huntsville Hospital Foundation.