Huntsville is getting a sneak peak at a proposed coat of arms. A draft sketch of the armorial bearings was shown to council Monday night, which is costing the town around $5,000 although some of that could be covered by grants.

Huntsville’s Manager of Arts, Culture and Heritage, Teri Souter, says each element of the design has a meaning for the town. The two main parts of it are a stag and a fish, which Souter says are important local species. She says the green ground and water represent the lakes in town, and the canoe paddles represent the original inhabitants of Huntsville, as well as modern recreation.

However, council wasn’t too impressed with the drawing, saying it falls flat when compared to Canada’s coat of arms. The town can now pass on the design, or ask for changes, but Souter says there has to be a “reason in heraldry” to make any changes.

The Canadian Crown grants armorial bearings, and any citizen, town, or society can apply for one. Once the application has been sent in, a specialist works on the design, which has to follow certain rules. That means a local artist wouldn’t be able to create an official coat of arms.


Photo: Canada’s coat of arms. Supplied by Taylor Ablett.

Photo: The draft copy of the proposed armorial bearings for Huntsville. Supplied by Taylor Ablett.