More on the continuing Rob Ford saga. The Toronto Star is reporting that the Toronto Mayor was verbally abusive during his stay at the Greenstone Rehab Centre in Bala and that his behavior got him kicked out of the centre’s group therapy program. Citing people who have knowledge of his two month stay there, the article quotes one person as saying Ford broke things and got into fights with other residents and that management were worried he may have been using drugs or alcohol while he was there.The Star article says police were called at least once to deal with an incident at GreenStone during Ford’s time there, but that it’s not known if the police visit was related to Ford. According to the article, GreenStone Healthcare’s President and part owner Shawn Leon says the facility can’t comment on Ford’s conduct and how it affected other residents. But in an email with the paper, he’s quoted as saying the program recognizes some individuals are not necessarily group ready and that individual programs can be set up for those people. Another source in the article is quoted as saying Ford literally had the run of the place and that “there were no rules around Rob Ford.”