Exercise is just as important for your dog as it is for you. However, if you like to go running with you pet, it’s probably best not to run in extreme heat. Dr. Earl Wurdell from Muskoka Animal Hospital says dogs aren’t as good as humans in getting rid of heat.

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Wurdell as we get deeper into the hot season, summer pet care becomes much more important. We can expect to see more wildlife that can affect your pet. Wurdell says you should change how you allow your pet to play outside this time of year. Wurdell says they can run into many different animals, especially porcupines.

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The Muskoka Animal Hospital sees a lot of pets come in during the summer. Wurdell says he sees a lot of dogs come into the hospital for various skin conditions.

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Wurdell says you need to make sure your pet is hydrated at all times, by giving them plenty of fresh water. Also, it’s best to limit their time in the sun, especially in times of extreme heat and humidity. For more summer pet care tips, contact your local vet.