Lee Anne McRobb did not show up to court today. The 36-year-old woman who is alleged of driving impaired in Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Black Cadillac Escalade was scheduled to appear in Bracebridge court this morning. Instead, Paralegal Ivon Joseph Fournier represented McRobb on behalf of Barrister Michael Rombis who is located out of Toronto. In an interview, Fournier says he couldn’t comment on whether McRobb is fighting the charge, but adds that he’s familiar with Michael Rombis and he’s a fighter. He says “Rombis believes every tree should be shaken.” McRobb’s new court date is August 5th at 9:30am. It is not known if she will appear in court on that date, however the date was rescheduled because the process was taking longer than usual. The crown is seeking resolution.