A Muskoka woman is hoping to use a selfie to brighten your day.

Amanda Hunter is the creator of the Facebook group Muskoka Selfies.

According to Hunter, the idea is to allow people to post any selfies of themselves doing anything that is Muskoka-related.

She says her hope from the beginning with this group was to provide a judgement-free forum for anyone who enjoys Muskoka.

Hunter says selfies tend to be tied with things like body shaming and other negative comments and that is something she wants to avoid with this group.

Since the group was created three weeks ago, it has already garnered the attention of over 200 people.

Hunter says she hopes overall to just bring more attention to the positive aspects and people of the Muskoka district.

The page is updated daily with new selfies of Muskokans from around the district doing everything from picking up their kids to having a tea party.

If you’re interested in joining the Muskoka selfies you can find the Facebook page listed here.