Expect up to another 40 cm of snow in Muskoka today. Environment Canada is keeping the area under a snow squall warning, with between 30 to 40 cm falling. However, some areas may only see around 15 cm.

The winds are expected to slow down today, which means there won’t be as much blowing snow. However, Environment Canada says the visibility will be down to almost zero in heavy snow, with whiteout conditions still possible. The weather service also says rapidly accumulating snow could make traveling difficult in some areas.

If the visibility is not good while you’re driving slow down, watch for tail lights ahead, and be prepared to stop.

Public Safety Canada is encouraging everyone to make an emergency plan and have an emergency kit. That should include water, food, a first-aid kit and a flashlight.

There are also a few power outages in the area as well:

  • Just east of Bracebridge, 86 homes without power with a restoration time of 6:00pm
  • Huntsville, less than 20 homes without power with a restoration time of 6:00pm

Update 10:20am:

We’re getting numerous reports of whiteout conditions along Highway 11 closer to Gravenhurst. The storm appears to be sticking around over top of us for the next little while. Expect to see snow squalls hitting various points of the region.



Update 10:50am:

Keep track of all of the snow plows on the road with the Track my Plow website. A car is in the ditch on Highway 118 West at Piercey Road. The police and tow trucks are on their way.

Highway 11 is seeing whiteout conditions around Gravenhurst, with snow packed sections on the road. Environment Canada is still calling for 30 to 40 cm of snow in some areas today.

The radar shows the storm is moving closer to Huntsville:



Update 11:05am:

Environment Canada has now upped the snow fall amount for Muskoka. Thirty to 50 cm of snow could fall in the Muskoka area through tonight. The snow squalls could be bringing up to 15 cm per 12 hours to some areas.

We can also expect more snow squalls on Friday, but less intense.

There are reports of a car in the ditch southbound on Highway 11, at the Novar Road ramp.

Update 11:35am:

Local OPP units are asking drivers to make sure headlights are on when the weather turns bad. The police say this is because the visibility can go from clear to whiteout conditions as you turn a corner, and having headlights on means other drivers can see you. It will also activate your rear lights, which will increase your visibility to drivers behind you.

Update 12:00pm:

Muskoka Paramedic Services is reminding residents to keep your blue number house signs clear. If there is an emergency and your sign is covered in snow paramedics may have a difficult time finding your address. If you do have to call 9-1-1 for an emergency, try to have someone go out and make sure the sign is clear.


Whiteout conditions are still being reported on Highway 11, particularly in the Bracebridge and Gravenhurst areas. The snow squalls can cause clear weather to turn nasty in just a few minutes.

Update 12:20pm:

We have reports of collisions around the region due to the heavy snowfall and white out conditions across Muskoka. It looks like the weather system is still hanging around over Bracebridge and Gravenhurst. Expect to see even more snow fall over the afternoon.


Update 1:00pm:

There is a crash on Highway 400 southbound, just after Healey Lake Road in Mactier. Two cars are involved and the OPP is on the way. Highway 11 is mainly snow packed with some icy sections and poor visibility as the snow squalls continue to move through. Highway 118 from Vankoughnet to Muskoka Falls is also seeing whiteout conditions, and Highway 60 has some snow packed sections and some clear and wet sections.

Update 1:30pm:

Check out how the storm has been moving over the past 45 minutes or so. Click on the photo below to see the movement.



Update 2:05pm:

Remember to turn your headlights on if you’re out driving today! The OPP says that will help with visibility both with cars in front and behind. If you hear of any issues on the roads give us a call at (705) 789-4464 or (705) 645-2218.

Update 2:30pm:

If you’re going to be out driving today and are looking for information on the driving conditions, don’t call the OPP. That comes from Bracebridge OPP Constable Mo Tilson, who says instead call 511. That will put you in contact with road conditions. Tilson says there are some problems on the highway now, and drivers need to be prepared before leaving the house.


Tilson says the police have been dealing with a lot of collisions, and cars sliding into the ditch. She says drive slow, take your time, and if you don’t have to be on the roads, stay home.

Update 3:05pm:

Environment Canada Meteorologist Mark Schuster says the snow squalls aren’t going anywhere just yet. Although many areas of Muskoka are seeing different types of weather, ranging from sunny skies to whiteouts, Schuster says the entire district is going to get hit.


He says they haven’t gotten any numbers on snow amounts yet, but wouldn’t be surprised if some areas get the full 50 cm predicted. Schuster says by Saturday the snow will slowly diminish. He also notes we’re expecting colder temperatures on the weekend, with a high of -15 on Sunday.

Update 3:50pm:

The storm is continuing to move through the Muskoka district. Click on the photo see how the storm is moving.



Update 4:30pm:

Environment Canada says by 2:00pm this afternoon, 35cm of snow fell in Bracebridge. Another 30cm could hit overnight tonight. Visibility on the roads tonight will be down to near zero in the heavy snow, with whiteout conditions possible.

The area can expect more snow squalls tomorrow, but less intense.

Update 4:50pm:

A couple more radar shots. One shows the size of this weather system, and the other is a closer view of the Huntsville and Bracebridge area.

radar-full radar-zoom

Stay up to date with community event cancellations:

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