The Town of Bracebridge is looking at two options to deal with the future of the library.
The options that have the most weight are either keeping the library at its current location and renovating the building or attaching it to the proposed Arena and Recreation Complex.
On Tuesday morning, council met for General Committee to discuss retaining the services of MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects to evaluate these two options.
During the meeting, council heard from representatives from a community group that is attempting to keep the library downtown.
The group is proposing the town renovate the current property into a multi-story building and expand the parking lot in the back.
The group has received over 2,400 signatures on a petition that was circulated downtown a few months ago.
Representative Brian Slocum told council the most important thing about keeping the library downtown would be the overflow into other local businesses and organizations from visitors to the facility.
Mayor Graydon Smith noted that, while no decision has been made either way, the future of either project moving forward will be contingent on third-party funding, as he does not want to dig into tax-payer pockets to pay for this entire build.
General Committee has agreed to send the proposal to explore both of these options to the next council meeting to be ratified.
MJMA would provide council with a concept of both options and the cost of each project.
If this motion is passed by council MJMA will be paid $25,000 for their services.