Santa’s Village has some new owners with some fresh ideas and plans to expand the theme park.
The original owner and founder P.D. Murphy recently sold his majority of shares to Brad and Sara Dunkley of Toronto.
Manager Jamie Hopkins says he and the other officials with Santa’s Village are excited about what these two can bring to the park.
Hopkins says the Dunkleys not only bring in fresh ideas, but diverse experience in the business world.
He says the married couple also has a local connection having both been raised in Orillia before moving to Toronto for work.
Moving forward, Hopkins says there are a lot of things already happening to update the park in 2017.
There are plans to open a new roller coaster and update a lot of the park structures.
Hopkins says they’ve also hired a theme park planner to come up with a long term idea of how the park could expand over the next few years.
He says the ultimate goal of the Dunkleys is to make Santa’s Village bigger and better.