The former owner of Hidden Meadow Farm has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty.
In June, 47-year-old Shani Ride was investigated for complaints on treatment of her sled dogs at the kennel.
According to OSPCA officials, a number of dogs were discovered with open wounds, broken and infected teeth and other medical issues.
Ride’s sentence allows her to only own and care for one dog, which has to be checked out by a vet every three months.
In October, Ride took to the Ontario Federation of Sleddog Sports Facebook page to find new homes for the dogs before they had to be surrendered to the OSCPA.
In her post, Ride blamed the media for the loss of her sledding contract.
Ride was running a sledding business in conjunction with Deerhurst Lodge, however the resort pulled the plug on the contract after the cruelty charges were laid.