The District of Muskoka is looking to catch up with a number of properties that are currently not connected to available sewer and water services in the region.
District staff is recommending council approve an initiative to enforce and provide education on the mandatory connection by-law.
According to a report from staff, over 500 residential properties have been identified to have water, sewer or both services available to hook up to.
The current by-law provides a maximum of two years before a homeowner must hook up to the available service at their expense.
Staff predicts if all of these properties hook up to these available services this will provide over $350,000 annually as revenue to the district.
Staff has also noted there are nearly 400 commercial, industrial and other property classes that have these water and sewer services available, but have not hooked up either.
If council approves this initiative, district staff will begin a step-by-step process starting in January and running over a three-year period.
This would include mailing out reminders to residents not hooked up and provide information on financial assistance available.
The district does currently provide loans to residents that will assist in paying for the cost of the hook-up process, which can be paid back over a 10-year period.
Following all of these steps, the district will review all properties that are still not connected to these services and deal with them on a case-by-case basis.
Council is expected to review this recommendation during the next meeting on December 19th.