The dream of home ownership for moderate income residents in Muskoka may not be that far off.
The District of Muskoka has recently unveiled a new community outreach project named Gateway Muskoka.
Program Board Member Ken Little says this program will help these individuals and families achieve that home ownership dream.
Little says this project was about ten years in the making after Ken and Audrey Brown donated $1 million to help with affordable housing for Muskoka residents.
This program will provide up to $20,000 on a down payment for a home worth up to $295,000.
The district is in talks with legal officials and home inspection workers to try and add these services to the program.
Little says they are looking for donations to help keep this program going beyond the initial funds provided from the Browns.

These down payments are loans, but would be interest free and considered forgivable if the person lives in that home for at least twenty years.

Little says they’re hoping to help between 20 to 25 people buy homes in the first year of this program.

If you’re interested in applying for this program or just finding out more you can go to to the website.