As more seasonal temperatures are on the way, the Huntsville OPP is reminding drivers to be safe on the roads. Police say to slow down, and stay back from winter maintenance vehicles. The OPP says to never pass things like snow plows on the roads.

The OPP also says to get prepared for the winter by keeping a winter driving survival kit in your car. That should be stocked with things like sand, a tow rope, flares, and booster cables. It should also include a snowbrush, shovel, gas line antifreeze, flashlight and batteries, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, candles, matches, and blankets.

Finally, the police remind drivers that all ice and snow should be removed from the roof, hood, trunk, and all windows, lights and mirrors. They also says to check your tire air pressure as the cold weather can cause pressure to decrease, and to keep a winter driving survival kit in your car in case of an emergency.