Muskoka is getting some local representation at two Junior Biathlon World Cup events in Europe next month. Trevor Kiers, from Sprucedale, has qualified to represent Canada in the events happening in Switzerland and Austria. He says these events could qualify the Canadian team for the World Championships in Russia, if they end up with really good results. Kiers says if that happens, the team will be pre-selected for that championship team.

Training for this event is grueling, as Kiers says he spends almost 600 hours training over the course of a year. That includes things like running, roller skiing, real skiing, and kayaking.

He says it’s a lot of slow, long distance training. For example, he did a bike camp in eastern British Columbia, where he spent over five hours on his bike a day, biking over 150 km every day.

That is all part of gearing up for next month’s World Cup, which includes a 10 km “sprint”. Kiers says that may not seem like a sprinter’s distance, but it is a quick race, over in less than half an hour. He says it’s a fast paced race; doing 3.3 km before hitting the shooting range each time, which goes by very quickly.

Kiers is off to Switzerland in early December to represent Canada at the first Junior World Cup. The cost to do so is around $10,000 after factoring in the cost of training and racing. Donate to his campaign online, click here.