Residents in Gravenhurst should be prepared for an overnight planned power outage this weekend.

Veridian Connections says on Sunday there will be an outage between 3:00am and 6:00am.

While this may not affect the majority of residents that will be sleeping at this time, the organization wants residents that rely on power to be aware.

Officials says the outage could affect those with security cameras, electric sump pumps and those requiring power for life support needs.

Work will be completed by Hydro One officials at the Gravenhurst substation.

You can find a list of areas affected below.

West and Southwest of Gravenhurst:

  • Pratt Crescent
  • Fernwood Drive
  • James  Street from Fernwood Drive to Bay Street
  • Blueberry Lane
  • North Muldrew Lake Road from James Street to Pinetree Road
  • Ritchie Avenue
  • North Muldrew Lake
  • South Muldrew Lake
  • Middle Muldrew Lake
  • Pinetree Road
  • Berkinshaw Island
  • Drury Lane

South, Central and Northern Gravenhurst:

  • Luigi Road
  • Sedore Road
  • Beaver Ridge Road
  • Highway 11 from Beiers Road to Holmes Road
  • Raccoon Road
  • Talisman Drive
  • 400 Bethune Drive North
  • Ferguson Road
  • Winewood Avenue East from Bethune to Muskoka Beach Road
  • Muskoka Beach Road from Winewood Avenue to Lofty Pines Drive
  • Old Muskoka Road
  • Muskoka Road North from Lofty Pines Drive to Muskoka Centre
  • Henry Island Road
  • Vincent Avenue
  • Robinson Avenue
  • Knister Road
  • Walton Road
  • Lofty Pines Drive
  • Lofty Pines Crescent
  • Gateway Drive
  • Fraser Street 361, 366, 370, 374
  • Wagner Street 640, 660, 680, 700, 720, 740, 760
  • Grace Court

East and Southeast of Gravenhurst:

  • Pinedale Road from 600 to 1150
  • Pinedale Lane
  • Arnes Drive
  • Hewitt Street
  • Sprunt Lane
  • Ure Road
  • Gull Lake south of Highway 11
  • Silver Lake
  • Silver Lake Road from Road 1400 to Sunny Lake Road
  • Chickadee Lane