A Muskoka Lakes councillor is facing another legal matter following a meeting in September.

Mayor Don Furniss has filed an affidavit through MacDonald Law stating Councillor Ruth Nishikawa was breaching the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act during the council meeting.

During that meeting, council voted on whether Nishikawa should pay for the costs associated with her defense in the defamation case of former councillor Ron Brent.

Nishikawa was found guilty in that trial and council had a majority vote in favour of her paying back $25,000 for those costs.

Furniss stated she had not declared a conflict of interest but had abstained from voting, however he noted that her vote was still recorded as a no.

He wrote in the affidavit that he believes this was a violation against the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.

The matter will be heard in court on December 12th in Bracebridge.