Fire officials in Muskoka are working hard to battle a silent killer.
Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week kicks off today, and fire officials want you to be prepared for a possible monoxide leak.
Muskoka Lakes Fire Chief Richard Hayes says 80 per cent of all CO-related deaths happen in the home.
He says it’s important to have your fuel-burning appliances inspected annually.
Hayes says it is the law to have a monoxide detector in your home near each sleeping area if you have these appliances in your home.
Fuel-burning appliances include furnaces, hot water heaters and gas or wood fireplaces.
Firefighters with the Muskoka Lakes fire department will be going door to door to check your home for proper placement of CO detectors.
Firefighters will be easily identified as they will either be wearing a Muskoka Lakes uniform or orange coveralls.
You can find more information on CO safety in the home here.