The Syrian Refugee Sponsorship group in Huntsville is being asked to make a tough decision.

SRS has been asked to consider taking on a replacement refugee family in place of the Ahlam family, which the group has spent months fundraising and preparing for.

The group has also been in constant contact with the family and over $60,000 has been raised to help the Ahlams.

Now, the Canadian Government is saying the group has about a week to consider taking on a new family or continue to wait for the Ahlams with no guarantee they will ever be able to come to Canada.

Officials say they would consider taking a replacement family, but on the condition they will be assured the Ahlams will be cleared to come to Canada as well and have the option still to come to Huntsville.

The group says its devastated to be put in this position and have to possibly tell this family they may never be able to come to the community.

In the meantime, Parry Sound-Muskoka MP Tony Clement is calling on the Liberals to answer to why they are forcing Huntsville and reportedly numerous other communities to make this decision.

Clement says there have been numerous problems with the resettlement program that the Liberals have been reluctant to address.