Bracebridge OPP is not investigating the license plates that are missing from Rob Ford’s impounded black Cadillac Escalade. Inspector Ed Medved tells the Moose police have not received any complaints about stolen or missing plates in connection with the vehicle and that because of this, there is no investigation. OPP did not remove the plates when 36 year old Lee Anne McRobb was arrested Tuesday afternoon for allegedly driving the vehicle while impaired. Bob Hoolans, owner of Northland Towing and Auto Recovery in Gravenhurst, says he didn’t remove the plates. They were reportedly not on the vehicle when it arrived at his impound lot following McRobb’s arrest Tuesday.  Bracebridge OPP Constable Jessica Drake says it’s not standard procedure for police o remove license plates from a vehicle for an impaired charge. The only reason they would do it is if the plates weren’t registered to the vehicle – but that would have been reflected in the charges listed in the press release. Drake says McRobb had lawful possession of the vehicle since Ford’s Escalade was never reported stolen. She also said that under law, police remain with the vehicle until the tow truck company arrived to ensure nothing, including license plates, can be taken from the vehicle.