Huntsville mayoral candidate Tim Withey will not support a fellow candidate’s challenge to boycott election signs. In a statement released today, Withey says Hugh Mackenzie’s claim that election signs are visual pollution is a stretch. He says freedom of expression is a cornerstone to any democracy and these signs are one way for citizens to become actively involved. Withey also says Mackenzie’s challenge is an attempt to manipulate the election process under the guise of visual pollution.

Meantime, Mackenzie is denying his proposal is a suppression of free speech. He says there are many forms of free speech including graffiti. That does not mean we have to utilize those that contribute to visual pollution in an environment as naturally beautiful as Muskoka. Mackenzie goes on to say his challenge was not manipulative or self serving, but more of a chance for mayoral candidates to make a mutual statement about their commitment to the environment. He also says visual pollution whether temporary or permanent is an important issue.

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