Our MPP is addressing concerns about Bill 100 misinformation potentially closing trails next year.

Norm Miller sent out a letter to the editor yesterday to provide some insight as to where Bill 100 stands in the legislative process, as well as potential implications as it moves forward.

Miller says the Parry Sound-Muskoka region has some of the best trails in the province and that is thanks to the relationships that have grown between private land owners and trails organizations.

He says the passage of Bill 100 would be a voluntary agreement between a landowner and an eligible body or bodies and not hurt existing local relationships.

Miller adds that Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Michael Coteau has said this in writing and it is an important statement, one that should be a part of Bill 100.

He says Bill 100 also strengthens landowner rights.

As of April 14th, 2016, Bill 100 has passed second reading and is currently before the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly.  The bill is expected to come to a final vote before the spring session ends on June 9th.