The $17.5 million upgrades to the Cascade generation station in Parry Sound are set to begin.  Lakeland Holding CEO Chris Litschko spoke to council at last night’s meeting to inform council that as of last week, the station was shut down and the decommissioning of the plant is underway.

Litschko says the station is going from 1.2 megawatts to 3.4 megawatts which is exciting news for Parry Sound residents.

Litschko says it will also be a building residents will be proud to look at.

The cost of the upgrades to the plant as well as upgrades to the system to better accept green energy and the installation of 10 kilometers of fibre optic communications total just over $19 million which Litschko says is a huge investment.

Demolition of the current station will begin later this month with construction set to begin in May and the station is set to be back online in October of next year.