The Town of Bracebridge is asking residents to be bear wise this spring season.

Officials say this is the time the animals will begin coming out of hibernation and looking for an easy source of food.

To avoid attracting bears to your home town officials are asking you to follow these easy steps:

  • Put out garbage the morning of collection, rather than overnight
  • Keep garbage inside a storage facility or in bins with tight-fitting lids
  • Don’t put out bird feeders just yet as bears are attracted to bird seed, suet and nectar
  • Keep your dogs on a leash as bears may follow the animal back to your home
  • Keep the outdoor barbeque clean and free of grease
  • Pick fruiting bushes around your home and don’t let fruits or berries rot on the ground

Officials say if you are proactive in following these steps you can greatly reduce the chance of a human-bear encounter.

Last November two bears were shot on a residential property in Bracebridge.