A Baysville builder feels the Township of Lake of Bays building department is treating him unfairly.
Bob Austin is currently rebuilding his home after a fire tore through it last year. Currently he’s dealing with stop work orders handed out to him by the department.

Austin tells the Moose one of the orders came after he heated his basement with one rung of in-floor heating in order to stop the foundation from freezing during winter. He also insulated upstairs walls and one layer of insulation in the ceiling so he could keep working on the job. He says he received an order to rip out the insulation so the department could see the headers.

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Austin says his roof is engineered for a micro-fit and he told the truss company to build the whole roof at 15 pounds of dead weight, which is what the roof would actually weigh. He said the Township had a problem with that and the bracing of the roof…

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Lake of Bays’ Chief Building Official Stephen Watson says the Township isn’t targeting Austin unfairly.
Watson says the Ontario Building Code has prescribed, required inspections that are up to the builder to call for….

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Watson addressed the two issues mentioned…

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Watson says the department is trying to work with Austin and others…

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Austin still believes he’s being targeted because he says he’s one of the only local builders who stands up against perceived unfair requirements…

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