He is no stranger to the councillor role in Huntsville. George Young announced today he plans to run again. Young says he feels he can still do great things for the people of Brunel Ward.

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Young says he has many years of experience. Young served two terms for Brunel and then another term as District councillor from 2006 to 2010.

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Young’s accomplishments including chairing the Ecomonic Development Committee for eight years, was a member of Muskoka Tourism and has been a member of the Huntsville Rotary club since 1998.

Young believes roads are a huge priority, especially on Brunel. Young says all you have to do is drive down the road to see the importance of road maintenance.

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Young is up against Sue Ashley for the same spot. Meantime, Chaffey Ward Councillor John Davis has also entered is name into the race to become District councillor.