Gravenhurst public works crews have delivered 500 sand bags and 10 tonnes of sand to Joseph Place, off Talbot Trail and Graham Road yesterday, as water levels rise on the Black and Severn Rivers. The water levels have risen about 25.4 cm. (10 inches) overnight to a point where the water will breach the banks of the rivers if the current flow volumes continue. It is assumed that the flows will continue and the banks will be breached by tomorrow as the volumes at Vankoughnet monitoring station have not yet crested. Crews will monitor the volumes of sand and sand bags and replenish as needed. Public Works officials have ordered an additional 2,000 sand bags to replenish stock levels. Suppliers have been contacted to ascertain current demand levels. If needed, a larger supply will be ordered. Gravenhurst officials will continue to monitor the situation and will respond as the conditions dictate.