It’s not known if a dog survived after it was spotted barking amidst the cold waters of Bracebridge Bay. A resident called for help at 5:42 pm yesterday when she heard the large dark coloured dog’s barks from nearby Young Street. Firefighters responded, but when they got to the location they could find no trace of the dog or its owners. The resident said she saw a man and woman calling out to the dog, which she guessed might have been a chocolate lab. The pair were calling from the dock on the Kelvin Grove Park side of the bay and the man was seen running towards nearby condos along the shore following the dog as it floated downstream. Fire Chief Murray Medley says firefighters went as far as the snowmobile bridge on Beaumont Drive in their search, but came up empty handed. Medley says the department will respond to these types of calls because people often attempt to rescue pets on their own. Officials would rather you call them in these cases, as they would rather have to rescue a pet than a human. With the flood warning still in effect, people are urged to keep themselves, their children and pets away from all water bodies at this time. Medley says firefighters hope the dog made it to shore and back to its owners, but it’s still not known if that happened.