Windows seem to be the common link between recent break-ins in Huntsville. Police say someone got into three homes on Lake Drive, King Street and West Brown’s Road from the windows last week. The screen had been removed in each case. Things like jewelry, cash and personal info was stolen, expect for a house on King. It looks like the thief wasn’t able to get in to that home. Meantime, someone broke into Seven Main Cafe through the front door on Friday. It’s not known if anything was taken. Police are asking you to watch for any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood.

Details of each break-in below according to police reports:

On Thursday April 3rd, 2014 just before 3:30pm Huntsville Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) was advised of a break in to a residence on Lake Dr. in the town of Huntsville. The victim had left the residence for a short time in the afternoon to run some errands, when she returned she found that her house had been broke into. Unknown culprits pried open the kitchen window and removed the screen. Once inside the culprits went through cabinets on the main floor locating and taking a small collection of silver dimes. The culprits made their way to the upstairs of the residence into the bedrooms, where they found and removed some cash that was stored away along with some jewelry.

On Thursday April 3rd, 2014 just after 9:00pm, Huntsville OPP was notified of an attempt break in to a residence on King St. in the town of Huntsville. The victim had left for the afternoon and found that the screen had been removed from one of her ground floor windows, and damage was done to the window in attempt to get in.  It does not appear that the culprit entered the residence.

On Friday April 4th 2014 at about 6:45am, the owners of Main St Café on Main St in the town of Huntsville arrived to find that front door was unlocked.  Sometime during the night hours, unknown culprits entered the business.  At the time of the report it was unknown if anything was taken.

On Sunday April 6th, 2014 just before 4:00pm Huntsville OPP was notified of a break in to a residence on West Brown’s Road. The victims had been gone for a short time, and upon their return found their kitchen window had been broken into, and the screen removed. Once inside the culprits went to the second floor of the residence and removed jewelry, cash, and two fire boxes that containing American currency, jewelry, passports, identification papers and other personal papers.

Anyone that may have seen any suspicious activity around the above addresses, or may have any information into these break-ins is asked to contact Huntsville OPP or Crime Stoppers