Huntsville Hospital Foundation Executive Director Debi Davis. (Submitted Photo)

Huntsville Hospital Foundation’s executive director is retiring. Debi Davis started as campaign manager back in 1998. She was also a managing director for a year before moving into executive director in 2006. For the past 16 years, Davis has been part of a team that raised $15-million for various project. Projects include digital diagnostic imaging, dialysis renewal, vital signs monitors, emergency department renovations and the new $2-million CT scan project.

She says one of her favourite career highlights was helping to secure a $1.5-million donation for the Campbell & Mary Fox Diagnostic Imaging Department. Despite retiring, Davis says the hospital will remain a priority and encourages everyone to give generously to the most important facility in our community. Her last official duties will be at annual Lakeside Soiree next Saturday.

Davis will be in The Moose studios Friday morning at 8:10am with Mel and Grant to talk about her retirement.