Starting this spring, businesses in Muskoka and Almaguin will be the first in Ontario to experience the speed and advantages of 1 Gigabit (1GB) Internet service. Lakeland Networks will start rolling out what’s being touted as a ‘blazing fast service’ as early as April to present customers, including municipalities, schools, hospitals, police and business users.

CEO for Lakeland Holding Chris Litschko says this first-of-its-kind offering gives local business an advantage in a tough economic environment, while helping to attract new business opportunities for the local economy. Litschko says with Muskoka & Almaguin having ease of access to the highway corridor, available real estate, and now the fastest Internet, Lakeland hopes that companies look to our area to host their business operations or new ventures.

Delivered by fibre optics, 1GB service is over 50 times faster than the average data transfer speed –  the average being under 20 Megabits per second (Mbps). A fibre Internet connection provides the fastest communications available based on light wavelengths travelling through very small glass tubes for hundreds of kilometers with minimal signal loss.
Lakeland Networks will launch the Gigabit offering out to existing customers starting in April, then continue to expand their gigabit fibre to businesses as they build out infrastructure.

Presently in Muskoka, Internet speeds can range from ‘slow speed’ (any data transfer speed under 256 Kilobytes (KB) per second) to under 20Mbps for those on some cable or existing fibre connections, which are generally only available in large urban areas.