Huntsville has named their torchbearers for the Pan Am Torch Relay community event on June 3rd.

Pierre Mikhail was named the community torchbearer for the Town of Huntsville in March after receiving the most nominations from the community.

Brandon Just is a youth athlete and was named Huntsville’s youngest torchbearer.

Also, Jane Wolf was nominated as a Huntsville community torchbearer.

She will be swimming the torch across the Muskoka River starting at the John Street Dock.

Huntsville’s own Gold Medalist- Dara Howell, will also be part of the torch relay. Carrying the torch from Pioneer Village, all the way through the Summit Center.

Residents are encouraged to come out and line the streets of Huntsville from 5 pm until 7 pm as the bearers make their way through town to River Mill Park for the evening celebration.