Former Mayor of Huntsville, Claude Doughty was on the hot seat at council. As he gave his explanation on recently disclosed $3 million in non-financed major expenses from 2009 & 2010.

Doughty served as Mayor from 2006 to 2014. And stated that $3 million came out of the bank and didn’t go back in, and there wasn’t a by-law dealt with it.

Doughty stated  that there were infrastructure costs.

With that, $9 million was taken on in debt. Which increased that year’s tax levy close to $1 million and left $3 million of a balance.

This comes after council recently acknowledged the largest fraction of the non-funded $3 million. Close to $2 million, was borrowed from G8 expenses.

A vote a next meeting will create a plan for a repayment option that would be added to the towns levy between the years of 2016 & 2029.