It’s National Nurse’s Week and it’s all about taking some time to recognize the importance of nurses in our community. Director of Care, Celia O’Brien explains the most important part of being a nurse:

O’Brien says nurses are on their feet for their entire shift that can last eight or 12 hours, and they are giving constant care to patients.

In order to let them know how much they’re appreciated, O’Brien explains what we can do:

O’Brien explains while Personal Support Workers aren’t technically nurses, they are an integral, essential and very valued part of the nursing team.

She says that one of the hardest parts of the job is not having enough staff so they can spend more time with patients who may be lonely, or just want some company.

O’Brien has been a nurse for over 35 years and she says no matter where a nurse is working, their job is very stressful and demanding.

This week, take the time to let a nurse know that they are appreciated for their hard work and dedication.