Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC) will be closing some Complex Continuing Care (CCC) beds in the fall. There are currently 24 existing beds, which will be brought down to 16. CEO Natalie Bubela says they analyzed bed use and operations in order to find out ways to save money and balance the budget. She says they made the decision based on lower utilization rates in CCC beds across the region and at MAHC. Bubela says this change will see a reduction in 6.6 full-time equivalent jobs. Complex Continuing Care is offered in hospitals to residents with long term illnesses, where care isn’t available in long-term care facilities or at home.

Full Statement Below:

“On the heels of a fifth consecutive balanced budget thanks to one-time funding, Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare is preparing for changes to help the organization achieve a balanced budget in 2015-16.

In an effort to provide the safest and best service possible while also meeting the needs of our community within funding restrictions, it has been determined that changes are required within the Complex Continuing Care (CCC) Unit at South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Site.

“We have completed a detailed assessment of our bed utilization and operations as the organization continues to look for savings opportunities that maintain existing services and help the organization achieve a balanced budget,” says Natalie Bubela, Chief Executive Officer. “Based on lower utilization rates in CCC across the region and at MAHC, effective this fall we will maintain 16 CCC beds of the existing 24 beds. Through right sizing the CCC bed base, MAHC will provide the same service to the community in a more efficient way by matching our resources to the current needs of the community. This change will also enhance the quality of service to our CCC patients by reducing the number of patients in each room to optimize infection control principles and focus on rehabilitative and restorative care.”

At the SMMH Site, there are 43 acute care beds and there are no planned changes to the bed base.

At the Huntsville District Memorial Hospital Site, MAHC is formalizing the acute care bed count to reflect a total of 37 acute care beds in operation, up from the previous 32 beds.

Overall, these changes will see a reduction of 6.6 full-time equivalents, and there will be an investment in clerical and social work support. MAHC is committed to working closely with our union partners to follow the terms and conditions of the Collective Agreement and where possible mitigate the adverse impact of these changes to our staff.

“We will continue to analyze our financial situation and resources, including staffing on an ongoing basis throughout this year,” says Bubela.

As changes occur throughout the organization this fiscal year, information will be updated on our website.”