Huntsville’s mayor is not happy with Bracebridge’s offer of land to Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC). Scott Aitchison says he’s disappointed in Mayor Graydon Smith. He says they had been working as a team to ensure a two-site solution to the health care issue in Muskoka and East Parry Sound.

Smith announced, on Wednesday, April 1,  the town plans to spend just over $1-million for almost 45 acres of land off Depot Drive in Bracebridge. This land would be used for a new hospital that could service all of Muskoka.  If MAHC accepts the plan, Aitchison says it would show they have been lying to the community through the process.

MAHC sent out a statement today saying they will wait until a preferred healthcare model is chosen by the board before considering Bracebridge’s land offer.