The Animal Shelter for Huntsville will not be opening a shelter anytime soon. Board Chair Elaine Symington says it’s an emotional subject.

The shelter received about a $340,000 donation in 2013, but Symington says that wouldn’t be enough. The cost to renovate, open and run the shelter for then next three years would be about $1-million. The announcement was made during a general meeting for members and the public on Mar. 30.

The board of directors made a recommendation to members, which was passed, to use the donation to create a Huntsville Animal Wellness Fund for the care of animals in the community. The fund would help pet owners pay for spay and neutering services and compassion care services like surgeries. Symington says their main objective right now is to get the fund up and running.

Nansi Nikiforuk was at the general meeting. She says she appreciates the board’s decision not to reopen a shelter.

A time frame on when this fund will be available to the public has not been set yet.

(Photo By: Melissa Candelaria) The Animal Shelter for Huntsville board of directors. Chair Elaine Symington answers questions at the podium.